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[AWE] Halloween Special SUNDAY 31/10/2021 @ 19:00 UTC


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Halloween Special

Mission Length

90-120 minutes



Halloween Special.html



Some time in the seventies an american and japanese scientific task force was formed in secrecy. Their main duties were to establish a research lab on Wake Island in order to establish an isolated forefront for their scientific discoveries. Sometime in the new century a breakthrough was discovered. It appeared they had opened an anomaly. Just a couple of days ago, a scientist were sent in full biohazard equipment to interact with the anomaly. Any and all contact between the island and ANYWHERE else was cut off the moment they laid hands on the anomaly. Fearing public knowledge of the situation, the top brass within the task force ordered a complete shutdown of the island.


Friendly Forces

Combat Technology Research Group, Motorized

- 4-man command element

- x3 4-man support elements

- 8-man Biohazard Containment Unit


Enemy Forces




Top Brass are in a complete fucking panic. They want us to shut down any acitvity and dissolve of any information regarding what has happened. That means burning any evidence, blowing any research facilities and killing any survivors on the island. Complete fucking wipeout.



- Insert to the island

- Scavenge any vehicles

- Find and destroy any research facilities and personnel


Command / Logistics


Overall command falls on callsign Overlord. Operational command falls on Alpha Team Leader.

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