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UAV Custom manual Service



On the *REDACTED* Invade and Annex server i saw that when you became a UAV pliot or Operator for them they had a Service pad marked on the map where you can go and manually decide which weapons and toys you wanna arm your UAV with and then you press "REARM" and it's would take a minute and then Rearm your UAV and then you would Take off. There were also other buttons such as "REFUEL", "REARM", "REPAIR". I would think of this mod as a Aresnal for the UAV in which you can strategize and then arm your UAV for certain situations.

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Hi @Flint,



The UAVs we have on the Invade & Annex server spawn with randomized loadouts.


The main reason we don't use a vehicle arsenal is because it would be very easy for a player to load a drone up with ATGMs and then proceed to destroy all enemy vehicles at the objectives within a short amount of time. Before, drones only ever used to spawn with laser guided bombs but, due to frequent requests, it was decided to introduce randomized loadouts.


Drones are support assets and should be treated as such.



TLDR: No vehicle arsenal for balancing purposes.

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