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[Suggestion] Ability to Lock Vehicles

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Hello there developers, I would like to start off by saying thank you for creating Invade and Annex, It is an amazing mission. I would like to recommend the ability for administrators to lock and unlock vehicles at base. It would allow for tighter control on vehicles, especially when you are trying to prevent players who are not in team speak from taking off in the helicopters, or having 1 person in 20 vehicles each heading in every direction.



Admin logs in

Approaches a vehicle

Vehicle displays Lock or Unlock depending on state

Admin chooses option and modifies state of vehicle.


Thank you

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Not a bad idea. Though having to get an admin to log on and then lock/unlock vehicles, and having to repeatedly do so when they respawn (Because let's face it, they will crash/get shot down at some point) would be really tiring. If the pilots could do this, that would be a different story, however we don't really have problems with people taking helicopters. 


Nice idea though. Just don't think it'd be all that useful right now.

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If that feature can be added only to all vehicles (choppers+ground vehicles) instead of only choppers, it will be like on other maps.


People want to drive and be the gunner at the same time. Means they get in vehicle, lock it to prevent having any vehicle-mate, drive to combat zone, unlock, get into the gunner slot, lock again,etc...


I'm afraid it would not help team work.

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This is one of those features that's great if used by the right person in the right circumstances. Unfortunately, as pach mentioned, I can mainly envisage it being used by administrators to "reserve" vehicles. It might be an option to add into I&A 3 in general so that other communities can utilise the functionality if they wish, but I'm not too convinced that it would be a good idea on Ahoy World servers.

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Thank you for the response, I was speaking more as an administrator of a server running invade and annex. I sometimes need to control who gets in the chopper and it gets hectic when there is a full server and random people are getting into the choppers and running off with them.

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