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Frontlines Factions and Maps


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Evening all,


Frontlines has been a collaborative project, using ideas from other game modes and community members, mashing them together and building on it to create a tailored gamemode desired by the AW community. As part of the work on Frontlines, I spent a considerable amount of time setting up the configs (which design Blufor, Opfor, Guer and Civilian) and maps to make them as easy as possible to create and edit. This was done in part to make it open for all to contribute. Therefore I would like to share what we have created and invite those interested to make their own factions and maps (within the modset). This google doc shows the progress on various factions and maps. If you would like to contribute, this zip folder has all of those listed on the doc as complete/played in as examples as well as a guide taking you through the process of making them. Once you have decided to make one, if you can suggest onto the google doc to allow us to track and avoid cross-pollination.
Map and Factions.zip
Additionally, the FOBs, Supply Depots and IED Factories used in the secondary missions are all created by community members, so if you would like to create more of those for us to add in for further variety, please drop a message here and I can go through the process with you. Again it is relatively straightforward.


Any other questions, feel free to drop them here. 


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