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Task Force Aegis – No man left behind 31/08/2021


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Mission Name:

Task Force Aegis – No man left behind


Server Details:


Port: 2302


Mods required:

AWE Aegis-456+.html


TS address: ts.ahoyworld.net


Server opens 30 minutes ahead of time

Expected mission length 120+ minutes (may go over or under expected mission length


Player Slots: 21

·         Central // 4 man command element

·         Alpha-Bravo // 6 man infantry squads

·         Sigfried // 3 man IFV element

·         Wyvern // 2 man WY-55 Hellcat Transport element



During our operations in Kavala Private Mark Rollins was captured by FIA insurgents while protecting the local AAF commander. The FIA released a ransom video demanding the release of a number of FIA members in exchange for the private’s Life and freedom. Turns out the FIA aren’t the most Tech-savvy and uploaded the video directly from an IP in the village of Abdera. The German platoon stationed at FOB Matterhorn is currently closest and mobilizing to head to the town and find the Private.


Abdera is a civilian centre heavily impacted by the civil war. Civilians in the village have mixed opinions on the Peacekeeping forces. It’s Important we’re on our best behaviour when in the town. Be nice to them and help them if they ask.


In other news IDAP is back in the area and helping the local population and a minor earthquake occurred on Stratis doing no damage. After all the shenanigans with those chemicals things are finally starting to quiet down! Did anyone see that video of the cat getting startled by the quake though? It’s adorable!


·         Pandur IFV

·         WY-55 Hellcat

·         UGV Stomper & other small to medium logistical support drones.



Friendly Forces:

AAF // despite our efforts to protect the city of Kavala, AAF Leadership have gotten rather angry with us. We're not sure why. AAF is still friendly but seem unwilling to cooperate.

Enemy Forces:

FIA insurgents


Abdera is a civilian centre heavily impacted by the civil war. Civilians in the village have mixed opinions on the Peacekeeping forces. Insurgents will likely make use of this by blending in with the population.

IDAP is operation in the general area around Syrta, be sure to watch out for their white helmets and orange logos.



-Find and rescue Private Mark Rollins

-Maintain Hearts & minds with the Abdera population.



At commanders discretion


Movement Plan:

At commanders discretion

It is recommended to travel along the main roads considering old unexploded ordinances and mines.


Rules of engagement:

We’re headed into a civilian area with Insurgent activity. Do not fire unless fired upon and ensure your target is an active combatant.


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