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[AWE] Borealis Pt. 2 22/08/2021 @ 1800 UTC


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Expected mission length 120 minutes



Previously, we successfully repelled a Russian incursion into Ukraine. The Russian military has not tried to cross the border since. We believe they have instead sent covert agents to foment disorder among the general population, and attempt to tear Ukraine apart from within. Separatists are gaining support, and armed protests are on the rise.



-Assist local law enforcement in keeping the peace

-Assist in the evacuation of civilians as necessary

-Detain any armed protesters for interrogation


Player Slots

Command // 3-man element

Alpha-Charlie // 10-man infantry squads

Rhino 1-3 // 2-man vehicle crew


Player Assets

1x Command BRDM

4x Transport Kamaz

4x BTR-80

1x BTR-4 (Pandur)


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