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[AWE] Payday SUNDAY 15/08/2021 @ 18:00 UTC


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The Payday

Mission Length

90-120 minutes






Altis has always wanted to disassociate themselves from NATO and other military organizations. In the process, they localized every production means - including weapons and explosives. One such factory lays under the Institute of Weapon Manufacturing Inc. or IWM. Fearing hijacking of cargo in transit their convoys are frequently supported by Raven Security forces and special armed police.

Meanwhile a terrorist group known only as "The Ferals" are american backed and is tasked with one thing; disrupt Altis' means of weapon manufacturing. Lucky for them, a shipment is about to hit the road.



Special Armed Police, Motorized Police

- 2x5 Special Police Officers (Leader, Paramedic and 3 officers)

Local Police, Motorized Police

- Patrols



The Ferals, ?

- ?



Raven Security Forces, Motorized

Armoured Vehicles



To be revealed.


Command / Logistics

Overall commands falls on the Team Leader of the first team on each side.



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