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Task Force Aegis - Operation Ajax: The enemy of my enemy 24/08/2021


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Mission Name:

Task Force Aegis – Operation Ajax: The enemy of my enemy


Server Details:


Port: 2302


Mods required:

AWE Aegis-456+.html


TS address: ts.ahoyworld.net


Server opens 30 minutes ahead of time

Expected mission length 120+ minutes (may go over or under expected mission length


Player Slots: 21

Central // 4 man command element

Longsword // 6 man CTRG team

Battleaxe // 6 man Spetsnaz team

Wyvern // WY-55 Hellcat armed

Dragon // AH 64 Apache CAS

Beagle // F-38C peregrine CAS/CAP



During the events of Clean-up and Heisenberg events unfolded that lead to a temporary coalition with the Russian Federation.

The Russian FSS Have been hard at work to destabilize the Altian islands with the express intention of drawing CSAT out of Stratis where an Iranian force is training AAF soldiers. Intel suggests however that CSAT is doing more than training but also uses the island as an experimental weapons development centre (EWDC). As NATO activity has thrown a wrench in the destabilisation of the island the FSS are now willing to work together with NATO to defeat the common enemy that is CSAT by staging a surprise assault on the island.


Our mission will be to find the EWDC, find out what they are developing, gather evidence and then destroy it. First we must destroy two SAM sites on the eastern shore to ensure CAS elements can perform their duties.


As stealth will only get us so far with the heavy presence of CSAT & AAF on the island we will be receiving a number of CAS elements to ensure mission success. We will be attacking the island at a time that most posts will be minimally occupied due to a religious holiday. Once CSAT and the AAF are aware of our position though we will have a limited window to perform our mission and get out. Given enough time they will mobilize and overwhelm our position regardless of the fire support we can offer.


Due to the geopolitical situation we find ourselves in it is unlikely that this will turn into a international incident. CSAT will have reason to keep this facility a secret and them making a big deal out of this would mean that secret would come out as well.


AH 64 Apache CAS

WY-55 Hellcat armed Transport - 6 Passenger seats

CH-49 Mohawk Transport - 16 passenger seats

F-38C peregrine CAS/CAP



Friendly Forces:

Russian Federation

Carrier Group Severn

HMS indomitable //  Staging point for Dragon & Beagle

                                -available for additional support in the event of overwhelming odds.

HMS proteus // Submersible staging point for ground teams.

Enemy Forces:




Stratis is for the most part abandoned. The only two civilian populated settlements are Girna & Agia Marina.



-Destroy SAM sites

- Find the experimental weapons lab

- Find out what they are developing there

- Bring back evidence of its existence in the form of documents & photos

- Destroy the experimental weapons lab

-Hold out until Wyvern arrives for exfil

-Exfil with Wyvern



Central, Longsword & Battleaxe

-SDV towards nearby SAM sites.

-Clear samsites and set charges.

- Blow SAM charges & Move into position to breach and clear Air Station Mike-26

-Breach and clear Air Station Mike-26

-Gather evidence & Take pictures.

-set charges to blow Experimental Weapons Lab

-Defend Air Station Mike-26 until Wyvern arrives for exfil

-Blow up Experimental Weapons Lab

-Exfil with Wyvern


Beagle & Dragon

-Standby until Sam sites have been destroyed.

-Cover ground teams from the directions of Stratis Air Base & Kamino Firing range until Wyvern has exfilled ground teams

-Beagle will also be responsible for keeping the airspace clear of enemy fast movers.



-Provide reinsert & light CAS

-Exfil Ground teams once their mission is complete


Movement Plan:

Insertion points and movement plan indicated on map

Rules of engagement:

There are no limits on ROE. Do consider that opening fire may compromise stealth and begin the mobilisation of enemy forces in the event an alarm is triggered.


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