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[AWE] The Boomerang Effect SUNDAY 08/08/2021 @ 18:00 UTC


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The Boomerang Effect

Mission Length

90-120 minutes






In 2018, a group known as the Молящиеся святые killed a french nationalist. A chain of political events kicked off from the killing, which led to the Italian ambassador in Greece to make a public statement on social media, that he condemns all actions this group has made. This message made him target number one. The group managed to hack his private computer revealing involvment in human trafficking, Italian diplomatic plans and secret military interventions in Greece. The group claims they only target high profiles to reveal their true nature. This has made the ambassador anxious to get off the island.


Friendly Forces

Private Security Contractors, Motorized Contractors

- 4x4 Teams (TL, Medic & two operators)

Local Police, Motorized Armed Police

- 1x8 Bravo 2-1

Ambassador, VIP

- x1 Italian Ambassador (first come, first serve)


Enemy Forces

Молящиеся святые, ?

- Unknown


Indenpendent Forces

Armed Civilians, ?

- Unknown



The ambassador has been anxious, so he has hired us, a private security company to aid him in his escape off the island. Since aerial transportation is risky, we'll have to go by vehicle.



  1. Load convoy
  2. Drive VIP to civilian airport NE of island


Command / Logistics

Overall command falls on callsign Lonestar. Operational command falls on Spartan Team Leader.



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