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Do you play DCS?


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During the community meeting last night the desire for a DCS server came up.


I'm curios to see how many of us play DCS, what modules/aircraft we fly & what type of mission(s) are liked. 


So please feel free to fill this thread with what you fly & mission styles you love (from gamenight style operations to 24/7 game modes) 



This is just myself looking to see how many are interested in a DCS server & what would be wanted so if one is to ever happen decisions can be made that best suit desires.

The other goal is to perhaps bring us virtual pilots out the shadows & go fly together.





I own:

Persian Gulf






combined arms


Missions I like:

Dynamic missions that just keep spitting out random objectives I have to go look for (no red markers on exact locations) with some Air to Air combat mixed in.

PvP every now and then.


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F/A-18C Hornet


Lots of A/G, less so A/A.

Probably going to get the Typhoon day 1, though, for a slicker A/A platform.


For PvE, I also enjoy dynamic and procedural missions, but lately I've been looking into pre-briefed operations gamenight-style with some people from a popular YouTuber's server. To coordinate strikes from different IPs but still hitting at the same time while the CAP kept us safe was very satisfying.

Haven't done much PvP, but I can see it tickle me.

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I mostly do helicopters or A/G with the A-10, but I also like to do things in fast jets like F-18, F-16 and F-14. I like all maps, but syria is my favourite.


I like doing CAS and strike missions against low to medium AAA, (probably just infantry hunting in the apache once that releases), SEAD in the viper and air to air in the fast jets.

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I bought the F/A-18C Hornet a while back and I'm planning on maybe getting the Apache one day too. Been meaning to buy some new peripherals and maybe a VR headset for it. Once I got the peripherals, I'd probably be up to playing with folks. Would appreciate some instructors to tag me along.

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found and favoured this one before the summer,came over it while cleanup - thougt it worth sharing with you DCS nerds

the video editing and recording is awesum,not even mentioning the fact this guy took alot of time into his hands to even LEARN the startup procedure ...


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I've got the:
AV-8B N/A (Preferred)
A-10C/A-10C II
Syria (Preferred)

I prefer doing PvE BAI, Strike, SEAD, DEAD and Wild Weasel (Anything A/G) missions. Dynamic campaigns/Liberation is the best, but single missions with other people are still great. A DCS server run by you guys would be amazing.

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I've got the spit, which is fun but i need to practice more to get better at it. Get what modules you want to, (WWII stuff isn't really useful on EU1, but other communities have pretty big WWII servers) but most are pretty good fun

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