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After action reports / replays


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Hello everyone.
I am not entirely sure if this is the correct place to put this, as its not a mod request per se, but I have been watching Dslyecxi's videos lately and the AAR reports are absolutely fantastic.

You can see an example here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CC9gmF2re0

I've been searching around, but it seems that shacktacs's AAR mod is private and not accessible to the public.



Would it be possible to create a similar system for AWE? I realize that its probably not doable for Frontlines/I&A (although it would be absolutely awesome), but I think we could learn a lot from our gamenights by using it.

Even if we dont get the fancy 3D graphics, having a tool like this: https://github.com/OCAP2/OCAP might do the job almost as well, although we lose altitude info from air assets.

OCAP2 also supports a website, so it can be publicly accessible.


Anyways, I know we have some fantastic dev's, so you guys would have to comment on the feasability of this.


It would also have to be tested for performance impact and stability of course.


What does everyone think?

Would you be interested in sitting down and having a look back at what happened?

I think at least for me, when squad leading, it would be a fantastic tool for learning.

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Being able to visualize what the other end of the radio is calling out is a huge plus.
On the more technical side, it allows learning of a zeus/leader's gameplan and tactics. What to expect and the loopholes within.

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Not sure of the scope for this, having access to an AAR would be pretty cool. Not sure if it would be applicable to a 24/7 server but for gamenights it could be awesome. 


I will look at the requirements of this over the weekend and determine if it is even feasible for us to include.

If that is a yes then it will be included in upcoming modlist review for AWE.


I will update here when I have more info


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