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[Mod] BettIR


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  1. BettIR
  2. This mod adds, amongst other things:
    • NVG-mounted IR lights (compatible with particular NVGs only)
    • Weapon-mounted IR lights (e.g. vanilla IR laser pointer is enough to use this functionality)
  3. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2260572637
  4. I believe this mod will increase the enjoyment that players can get out of night operations by improving visibility in low light situations because right now night time gets mostly skipped unless there are players willing to fire flares up every 20 seconds for hours. I think most players already have experience (either through MSO, or an AWE gamenight at some point I believe). Also, it's cool.
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Just as a heads up, arma devs is working on changing IR for the next version


Dont know if we should wait to see what comes out of that, or go ahead with a mod that might be outdated soon-ish?


Edit just to be clear: I absolutely agree something should be done about nighttime ops

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