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22 hours ago, Jenkins said:

New system brought in recently that rewards players for their forum interactions.


More information about it here:



Alright, thanks 🙂

It doesn't seem too rewarding though...at least according to my profile I'm on 746 posts with 422 likes and am rank 1 Newbie😂


Also the whole activity feed on peoples profiles has reset apparently. That was useful if you searched for a topic, from which you knew who started it or commented on it, but didn't remembered the exact name.

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  • 3 weeks later...

it appears that the activity feed is not working at all... even recent activity (after the update) does not show up... (this post is also a test to verify that...)

ok, it shows posts made by user but not reactions...

looks like the activity feed got activated by earning the collaborators bagde... (10 posts)


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