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Long range artillery spread

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Not sure if you want to / can change anything about this or not, But the Arty's spread is huge when firing long distance. It was firing at the red cross, and managed to land a round in Neri which is ~700m away

Arty spread ~700m.jpg


my abandoned prowler which was right next to the red smoke, was seemingly unharmed by the entire volley


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The arty firing is purely Arma mechanics, so the spread is inherent to the Sochor's themselves. We could put a limit in the targeting loop, to only search and target players within say 10km from the arty itself. Still probably going to be a lot of spread, but not as much as firing at a target 16-20 km away :)

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Yeah on the 1 hand, I feel like that spread long distance is a bit much as it can take out a player so far from the smoke... on the other hand EA games did seem pretty convinced that gamers like "surprise mechanics" :D

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