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Statement relating to Loss of Public Staff members


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Note to all members from the Core Staff team:


As several of you have already noted the public staff team has been reduced in number, I will detail here what information I can while respecting the privacy and confidence of those involved.


On May 20th Core staff received an admin report (Note 1) against 2 members of staff. Within 3 hours a member of Core Staff concluded in favour of the report and took action against one of the reported parties, removing them from a staff role they held, this is not in line with the standard practice for admin reports (Note 2). 


In the days that followed Core Staff followed the procedure noted below in Note 2

We believe that our ability to investigate the situation in the manner described in Note 2 was harmed by the way the report was handled initially. This fostered an "Us V Them" mentality and likely led to the reactions explained in the next paragraph.


During this time following the demotion of a staff member, several members of staff aware of the demotion and of the admin report (aware of its existence but with no access to its content) came to the conclusion that the reported persons were guilty and should be banned. 

Some even stated that they would resign should Core Staff not find in their favour.
Core Staff asked for calm while they completed a proper investigation into the matter.


Following the several day investigation Core Staff met and reviewed all the gathered and available information and found that there was no clear evidence that a rule had been broken. There was what could be called circumstantial evidence but nothing more. 


A number of members of staff unhappy with decision resigned, including the member of Core Staff who had acted in error in the first instance.


Core staff believe that they acted with fairness to all parties in mind.

We would be setting a worrying precedent if staff members were allowed to dictate who was guilty without reviewing the evidence first, especially in the case of an admin report. (Note 3


I would like to stress that other than the person described above no members were removed from a staff role.


The nature of these events is unfortunate and regrettable.  Many of the staff members who resigned were members whom I call my friends, and I along with the rest of the Core Staff team would like to thank them for all they have done for Ahoyworld during their tenure and wish them the best in the future. 


If anyone has any questions relating to this please direct them to me and I will be happy to share any information I can while respecting the privacy of those involved.






Note 1

An Admin report is the tool available for members to submit a report relating to a member of staff. It is similar to that of the "Player Report" function except an Admin Report is visible to Core Staff only. Both can be found along the top bar of the forum under the report heading.



Note 2

The normal procedure when Core Staff receive an admin report is to spend a number of days speaking to those involved and collating all available information on the matter before meeting as a team and reviewing the information gathered and making a decision on the matter.

This allows Core Staff to  investigate a situation thoroughly, with discretion taking our time to come to a fair conclusion on the issues reported.


Note 3

Staff members are routinely included and their conclusions used in respect of player reports but not Admin reports as it would not be appropriate. 

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