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Editing I&A On Arma 3 Editor


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So im trying to edit the mission file and it seems any time i try to 1. get rid or change boards inside base 2. rename units for role selection the mission file breaks when trying to run it back up. im aware that is may be due to some scripting inside the mission file but i cant seem to locate, can anyone help me out? Many thanks :)

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It's best to only do small changes when changing something you're not familiar with.  E.g. first delete a boat, test that it still works, then delete the rest and test again, ... 


But as for your problems: deleting boats shouldn't cause any issues, nothing in the code is dependant on those boats.  The units on the other hand, everything in the arsenal is dependant on the role description and the abilities (e.g. medics have the medic trait, engineers & repair specs the engineer trait, ...) so changing those is gonna require some actual tweaks in the code.  But I can't really help you with any specifics without error messages.  These error messages typically also point you to the exact line on which an error occurred. 

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okay i have found out the issue and sorted it, next question is i want to use achillies for when i do zeus missions on the mission file, i have the zues module set you addons incluing unoficial ones but when im on zeus it wont allow me to use any of the modules 

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