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Prairie Fire I&A

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Firstly, I'm loving the Prairie fire, I&A, thanks so much for making it for us.
I'm not sure if the current utilisation you guys see on it, is enough for you to want to invest much time into it currently, but thought I'd make a suggestion.

Problem 1:
The F4C Phantom requires (Skill + a good server ping + the server to decide to play nice + luck) to land on the carrier, people have been complaining they trap the wire, but the plane doesn't decelerate fast enough

Problem 2:
The FSG gunner needs to spend an extremely large amount of time driving all the backroads (likely in the slow ammo truck) to be able to set up in range (4km max) of a AO. Which is extremely frustrating, when you know on top of all that work, you still need someone to request mortar support for you to be able to be put to work. This is especially problematic at night when you're the most crucial support asset for providing illumination


Proposed solution:

Move the Hueys to spawn at the main base  (near Lac My)

Remove the carrier, and turn Maxwell field into the spawn point for CAS assets

Add a M101 105mm Howitzer and Ammunition container near the airstrip, but just outside of base protection range of the support base

Maxwell Field.png

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