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[AWE] Operation Second Sun SATURDAY 05/06/2021 @ 18:00 UTC


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Operation Second Sun

Mission Length

~2 hours




ChernarusReduxOPs (1).html



Chernarus Loyalists are losing terrority faster than they anticipated themselves. They know they are losing the war and is anticipating all out ballastic missile warfare. In anticipation Russian special forces has gotten in contact with their fellow Ultranationalist milita to gain some intelligence on the whereabouts of the missile site.


Friendly Forces

Russian Special Forces, Motorized Special Forces

6x6 Special OP teams (mixed structure)


Enemy Forces

Chernarus Loyalists, Combined Forces

- Motorized/Mechanized

- Possible Armor

- Rotary & Possibly Fixed Wing CAS Aircraft

- Rotary Transport Aircraft


Independent Forces

Chernarus Ultranationalists, Militia



Our fellow Ultranationalists have gone radio silent in anticipation of radio interception. We are to link up and discuss mission whereabouts with them.



At CMD's discretion.


Command / Logistics

Overall command falls on company commander "Overlord". Operational command falls on CMD.

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16 hours ago, SiegeSix said:



I was told to ping AW Admins (Moderators don't have the needed permissions) in the respective Discord channel to get that sorted. That usually made sure that events would instantly go live👍

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