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[AWE] Operation Genome SATURDAY 29/05/2021 @ 18:00 UTC


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Operation Genome

Mission Length

~2 hours



ChernarusReduxOPs (1).html



Russia is a big player in world politics purely because of their threats and military standing. Although while Russia is a big opponent in the bigger picture, it's also it's own enemy. Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union several states owned by the former Union has been in disagreement with Russia regarding their independence. One such state is Chernarus. Since the state cries out for independence it has gained a massive following military wise and public support from UN. Although Russia does not see this as an inherit thread, they are still in a self proclaimed civil war, which they are determined to win.


Friendly Forces

Russian Army, Ground Forces, Mechanized Infantry

x1 3-man Field Command (CMD, Medic, Engineer)

x4 8-man Squads

x1 2-man Mechanized Team

x1 2-man Transport/CAS Air Crew


Enemy Forces

Chernarus Loyalists, Combined Forces

- Motorized/Mechanized

- Possible Armor

- Rotary & Possibly Fixed Wing CAS Aircraft

- Rotary Transport Aircraft


Independent Forces

Chernarus Ultranationalists, Militia



We've pushed the loyalits back far enough to finally attack their primary staging point. We are to find and capture/destroy any equipment they are using. Any POW are to be brought back for interrogation.



At CMD's discretion.

According to our insider information their command structure is fully enforcing a defensive position anticipating our attack from the north.


Command / Logistics

Overall command falls on company commander "Overlord". Operational command falls on CMD.

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