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EU1 fuel truck despawning too quickly


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Not sure what's changed on EU1 recently, but if I park the blackfish in the vehicle lift area at main base, to load a heli supply crate, then drive the fuel truck out to it to refuel it. When I jump out of the fuel truck it rapidly gets despawned before I can get into the fish to refuel. (seems to be despawning in 1-20 seconds from exiting it.)

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Yes, this probably happens because you're in the vehicle for less than 60 seconds, and the respawn script doesn't register that the vehicle has been used, and despawns it. It's a defect we were aware of, but thought it would only affect edge cases. We might get a fix in with an EH that tracks when the vehicles aren't in use anymore, instead of relying on the respawn script to register it within it's 60 sec. interval.

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