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Stargate Arma Gamenight 25/05/2021 @18:00UTC SG-Ahoy


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Mission Name:



Server Details:

Port: 2302


Mod Preset:


TS. Ahoyworld.net

Mission brief 18:00 UTC.  Additional items in brief will be new weapons available.


Expected Mission Length: 120+ minutes (including brief).


Player Slots:

18 + 3 Zeus


For those of you not familiar with Stargate I’ll crash course the lore below.



P3X-996 is a world specialising in naquada mining.  Its gate is located in a temple complex in the equatorial desert. The inhabitants would be classed as nomadic living in tribal, pre feudal, society and are considered friendly.


SG 24 was to facilitate trade with locals in exchange for small quantities of naqaudah.  Their cultural specialist Dr Adams, reported the temple complex containing the gate contained multiple references to Anat.  Specifically to her ‘sanctuary’.


Anat was the Semitic Cultures' (those from Syria to Egypt and as far south as Yemen) Goddess of War and fertility.  She’s the older sister and consort of Baal who would regularly slaughter those who opposed him.  In myth when Baal died, she killed his murderer and later resurrected him.  Dr Adams hypothesised that Anat was a Goa’uld queen, her current whereabouts, unknown.


SG 24 have missed their assigned check in and are unresponsive.



As the MALP cannot leave the complex, SG teams 21, 22, and 23 will travel to P3X-996 and establish the reason for communications blackout.


Support will be what you carry through the gate.  Some supplies from SG 24 may be in situ.



SG teams will move to the local village nearby the gate and establish what has happened to the team.


Civilians are expected in the area so check your targets and if using explosives make sure civilians are not caught in the blast radius.



Upon making contact with SG 24 a new respawn will be placed, logistics will be what you can carry through the gate.


Command and Control:

Operational command will be with one of the Team Leaders.



Symptoms of Goa’uld possession include, but are not limited to, skimpy fashion sense, superiority complex, deep voice, glowing eyes, and inexplicable outbursts of “I am a god!”, homicidal rage, paranoia, and, irrational fear of O’Neill spelt with 2 ‘L’s.


Depending on feedback will determine a continuation and the illustrious acting of the one and only Xwatt and his understudy Jenkins…

Lore Dump:



In 1928 a giant ring is uncovered in Egypt.   It’s kept a secret and the US government tries to figure out WTF it is.   In 1994 a tin foil hat with a PHD and an unknown Lazarus complex is brought in to help figure it out.


The symbols on the ring correspond to a 3d location in space.  They have a combination of 6 symbols (giving the reference) but the last one is broken.  PHD figures out the 7th is the place of origin for a form of connection.


They spin it (literally) and connect to an alien planet by creating a wormhole (really advanced teleporter between two fixed points).  The US air force send teams though and they find themselves caught in the middle an interplanetary slave run.


In order to save everyone they send a nuke to low orbit via alien fed ex and kill the big bad guy, Ra.  In order to protect the civs they say they detonated the nuke and the gate was destroyed at the other side taking the tin foil PHD with it.


The US unplugs the stargate as the only place it goes to is destroyed so no need to worry… right guys… right?


3 years later another intergalactic slave run connects to the Earth gate.  US brings back the original teams and decide to send another nuke to the original planet using “it worked for Japan!” methodology.  Original teams start getting shifty, “yeah about that… we lied”. 


The team goes back and turns out PHD has figured out the stargate goes to more than one place… like a lot more places.  Over the next 14 years humanity goes round the universe kicking everyone who looks at them funny in the gonads, and making new friends.

Goa’uld Symbiotes:


The Goa’uld are parasitic snake aliens.   Mature symbiotes burrow inside a persons head, attach to the lower brain stem and take that person’s body for a joy ride of megalomania, genocide and evil schemes complete with exposition that would make a bond villain blush.


The issue with this, is just like an organ transplant, and a teenager’s early forays into dating, rejection is a thing.  Their original planet was inhabited by brutes who had a low compatibility rate.  Mature symbiotes would take them as host to scavenge tech and became space faring.


At this point Ra (from earlier) found Earth and pre bronze age humans. Primitive humans seeing advanced tech thought they were gods and so their names passed into our mythology in the Semitic cultures around the gate in Egypt, Ra, Baal, Apophis etc.


Humans it turned out have better compatibility and are easier to repair.  Ra being the strongest of all the Goa’uld said we will use humans as hosts, comply or die.  And so humans were scattered throughout the galaxy using stargates as Goa’uld population exploded due to abundance of hosts.


When a symbiote is born they can’t control a human, but they need a nice gooey warm place to grow until they can.  Certain humans have their abs cut open and implanted with immature symbiotes.  These are the jaffa, the warrior caste, they gain enhanced physical capabilities and the larva inside slowly kills their immune system.


Queens are the rarest types of Goa’uld and the only ones that can breed, these will only need hosts when not breeding, when breeding they are usually stored in tanks and produce vast quantities of larval immature Goa’uld.



When Ra ordered everyone to take human hosts the queen Egeria and her offspring believing in consensual hosts, refused and started an insurgency within the Goa’uld, To’kra meaning resistance.


The To’kra, are essentially the good body sharing snakes.  They don’t take over a host, remain quiet in the background sharing all their knowledge, and form more of a symbiotic relationship with both host and symbiote working as equals.


Think a roommate that washes up, helps you with your schoolwork, and pays rent on time.

Goa'uld Society:


The Goa’uld society is based on a strongest take all, bend the knee or die, kind of arrangement.


Think of it like a feudal system, so you have a system lord who is very powerful (a king), with a number of underlords serving him (lords), who in turn have underlings serving them (knights).  Each lord will have at least one world, ships, jaffa and resources.


When one system lord is killed, their underlings and all their assets then transfer to their killer.  Backstabbing, conspiracies, and scheming is a regular Tuesday (Monday being dedicated to weekend body count), before breakfast affair… the latter naturally with taste testers.


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  • MidnightRunner changed the title to Stargate Arma Gamenight 25/05/2021 @18:00UTC SG-Ahoy

This was fun mission, hope to see more SG.


The decision to go with P90s was a good one, their lack of zoom ofsets inaccuracy of staff weapons.
With just Jaffa as enemies, having stuff like M4's with ACOG or similar, would make encounters in open terrain too trivial.


PS: I might be wrong, but I didn't see Deathgliders engage us even once, anyone noticed ??

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On 5/25/2021 at 10:57 PM, kman said:

PS: I might be wrong, but I didn't see Deathgliders engage us even once, anyone noticed ??

 That's because you guys killed all the gliders I sent after you before they could attack, but noted... next week manually control and do merciless gun runs on Kman's team ;) 

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