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Invade & Annex Prairie Fire Version History & Feedback thread


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Changelog for 3.4.05


- [Fixed] Typo

- [Fixed] Briefing for rescue pilot mission

- [Fixed] Destroyer not despawning on completion


- [Tweaked] Radio tower subobj can now spawn on all maps

- [Tweaked][Cam Loa Nam] Missing AK ammo added to arsenal

- [Tweaked][Cam Loa Nam] RKG-3 has been added to the arsenal


- [Added][Cam Loa Nam] More AOs

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I gotta say, I'm really missing the night fighting, with flare illumination, so had a bit of a play in editor... Would it be possible to 
Add the RTO backpacks as limited to just JTAC and squad leaders
Add the Radio Supports module via Eden
Add to/create the attached to the descriptions.ext file

Result should mean anyone with a radio backpack can bring up the radio supports menu, with the following limitaions
The Aircraft list only allows the seahorse to spawn in and drop 4 short lived flares in a line (5 min reuse timer)
The Artillery list only allows an 8 round burst of 105mm illum rounds on a 2 min reuse timer (~6 mins of illumination and with the call in delay it works out to about a 4min reuse timer allowing some coverage of both main AO and side)



Edited by Nibbs
ext file from Mikeforce had a bug in it - the RTO xm177 pack classname was wrong
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Changelog for 3.4.06


- [Added] Disclaimer message when entering a CAP/CAS/FSG asset

- [Added] Cleanup of player spawned drones when UAV disconnects

- [Added][Altis] Fortifications for garrisoned building


- [Fixed] Anti-Air Artillery Prio cleanup

- [Fixed] Destroyer sidemission spawning on land

- [Fixed] Position finding function parameters

- [Fixed] Milita Camp sidemission ending prematurely


- [Tweaked] Main AO fortifications set to invulnerable

- [Tweaked] Repair/Refuel/Unflip vehicle actions

- [Tweaked] Taru Pod attachment

- [Tweaked] Destroyer sidemission

- [Tweaked] SubObj Tanksection spawning

- [Tweaked] Main AO garrison faction based on AO type

- [Tweaked] Mission positioning blacklist functionality

- [Tweaked] Airframe pylon function

- [Tweaked][Altis] Rewards list

- [Tweaked][Altis] Allow AT to pick up LAT launchers


- [Removed][Altis] Ability to slingload the Taru Pods at FOB Guardian

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Changelog for 3.4.07


- [Added] Disclaimer message when opening UAV Terminal
- [Added] Chance for ATGMs on UAVs
- [Added] Next AO hint and spawn delay
- [Added] Revive actions for medical vehicles
- [Added] Backend Discord functionality
- [Added][Altis] Mainbase teleporter to docks
- [Added][Altis] Main AO SubObj Mortar Team
- [Added][Altis] Main AO SubObj AA Fortification
- [Added][Altis] Main AO SubObj AAA Fortification


- [Fixed] Sidemission Destroyer not despawning
- [Fixed] Downed player medical icon Z position


- [Tweaked] Sidemission SecureAsset holdaction range
- [Tweaked] Enemy CAS jet type probability
- [Tweaked] Abandoned vehicles moved to spawnpoint get health and fuel
- [Tweaked] Repair/Refuel actions
- [Tweaked] Supplycrate contents and drop actions
- [Tweaked][Altis] Main AO garrisoned building set to indestructible
- [Tweaked][Altis] Helicopter respawn delay increased (2 -> 5 min.)
- [Tweaked][Altis] Main AO SubObj Comms nearObjects range

- [Removed] Deprecated defines

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As the M72 LAW is non-reloadable, could it be changed so it can be put in a backpack, so AT can carry more than 1 without a vehicle(and without stealing enemy AT), (this also means M72 HEAT is not needed in the arsenal, as it's useless. (or more AT added to the arsenal for AT, stuff you can carry multiple of :- )

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It's impossible, without mods, to alter the inventory space of a backpack or the size an item in an inventory.  And if you give me class-names for stuff to give AT specialists I'll happily put them in. 

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Changelog for 3.4.09


- [Added] Respawn vehicle admin option
- [Added] Sidemission Destroy Weapons Shipment: Officers/SQLs/TLs now drop intel
- [Added][Altis] Main AO faction randomization


- [Fixed] Enemy F.A.R.P not spawning any CAS helis
- [Fixed] CAS heli patrol script
- [Fixed] Prio Depot destruction timer


- [Tweaked] Size of Settings menu increased
- [Tweaked] Hotkey for Settings menu (Custom control 'Use Action 20')
- [Tweaked] Vehicle engine shut off when player dies/disconnects
- [Tweaked] Aiming coefficient lowered to 70% of Vanilla
- [Tweaked] SubObj Depot holdaction distance increased
- [Tweaked] Enemy fleeing value set to 0 (disabled)
- [Tweaked][Altis] F.O.B H-Barrier and helipads adjusted
- [Tweaked] Sensor and datalink settings for vehicles
- [Tweaked] Sidemission reward weight and blacklist
- [Tweaked] Backend code for how factions are handled
- [Tweaked] Backend code for how enemy groups and vehicles are spawned
- [Tweaked] Sidemission Destroyer cleanup code

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Changelog for 3.4.10

- [Added] Mk21 Centurion mounted Mora
- [Added] Workaround for respawn GUI not loading at mission start

- [Fixed] Sidemission Free IDAP cleanup
- [Fixed] Main AO remaining enemy logic
- [Fixed] Main AO name

- [Tweaked] Normalize Enhanced Rewards magazine count
- [Tweaked] Garrison building blacklist
- [Tweaked] Enemy group compositions
- [Tweaked] Chemlight attach/detach actions

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I'm just online now playing the destroyer mission, and as well as grenades being lethal through walls (which I'm assuming is my fault for assuming they wouldn't be) the ai seem to be able to see straight through it, so they were constantly shooting, even if I was at the other end of the destroyer, and because of this, about half, if not more, of the ai were killed by each other's grenades, as they throw them into walls they don't see, but the grenades do.

I guess this is an arma problem, but it may help to remove grenades from troops on the ship, or change how it's placed.

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