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Mike Force - SOG Prairie Fire.


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I've had a bit of fun with this mode and the DLC so far. Would AhoyWorld be willing to dust off one of the servers for this?


If so, I would also like to keep the rules and restrictions similar to the I&A mode for now, please. It's still new content and I'm not sure how buggy it could be.

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I believe really it's Kenny's decision on whether or not to host one on the MSO. However, given having spoke with Johnson, I believe he wants to use AlivE instead.


But I for one would certainly like to see a server up for it. I also imagine the vast majority of the community would love to jump on it. If Kenny doesn't want to host one then I don't see why we can't get it up on another server. I may be mistaken but I believe EU2 should be free to host?

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Yes great I found this last night, I got on EU2 no problem and thought maybe I'd do a little familiarising. Unlucky for me it was night time in game as well :) I like the persistance of the mode from the little I've seen of it so far.  Hopefully catch some of you in there soon.

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