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medical system




i don't know what the other players think about this but i would like too see the ACE-Medical module on the server as being a medic is of course important but in the state that it is now
it simply feels too easy and too standardized. the only thing that separeates a medic from a normal infantry man is the ability to revive other players but from what i can tell from the changes comeing in ahoy 4.0 is that everyone will be able to revive someone.

in my opinion is seems like that will take away most of the reason for chooseing a medic besides the faster revive.

in summary you will take away the only thing that makes the medic special.

i do not care for the other modules of ace but feel like ace medical if implemented in a smart way could make medics much more interessting to play.
dosent have too be the advanced module even tough i prefer it i,m would be happy with the simplified version.

a suggestion could be to use the ace-medical modules simplified so that its easy to learn while allowing a medic to revive/heal soldiers anywhere and do any form of threatment
while allowing any non-medical soldier the ability to stabilize the person and via a consumable that they can choose to carry eventually revive the soldier. while the medic could be able to heal useing a item that doesn't deteriorate or is consumed on use.
potentially limit it so that only so and so many of the consumable revive supplies can be carried by a single person.

personaly i feel like this could potentially be a good compromise between what you are allready trying to achive in 4.0 with the everyone can revive but keep the medic important to a certain degree.


i,m hopefull for a reply and no matter what you decide in the end i,m happy with.
Have a nice day :)

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I would love to see that on eu1 however it would make a server that anyone can join even on their first 5 mins in arma into a still accessible however less so experience. I believe that eu1 thrives on new players joining and learning the ropes and base arma makes all roles very easy to get the hang of. I hope to maybe see you on the modded server and TS as it makes the game tenfold as indepth

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