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In-game name when banned: Ojciec_Kazimierz


What message displays when you attempt to connect? Banned for recruitment


Why do you think you were banned? I got a ban for giving a friend on the vehicle channel the Teamspeak address.


Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? Hello Dear AhoyWorld server management. First of all, I would like to apologize for the whole situation. I had no idea that sending a colleague a link to teamspeak is forbidden. My colleague and I deeply regret this and we are very sorry. We have been playing on your server for years and we have always tried not to violate any server rules. So we are all the more sorry we understand our mistake and we want to sincerely apologize to the entire management of the Server, and in particular to Mr. Chicken_06. At the end, I would like to express my sincere thanks to Mrs. Artemiza for her help and explanation. May there be more Admins like you. Regretfully, we apologize once again to everyone.
p.s apologize in advance for the spelling but when writing this I used a translator.


Which administrator banned you (if known): chicken_no6


When were you banned: 27.04.2021 21:34 - 21:57


What server were you banned from? ARMA3 EU1/2

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Hello @Ojciec_Kazimierz,


Thank you for your ban appeal. I have reviewed the ban appeal and talked to the admin who banned you. In this case you were banned by LH5, not chicken_no6.


You have written a very polite ban appeal and I feel the remorse you express is genuine, due to this I will be reducing your ban to 7 days. I do want to remind you that Ahoy World strives to deliver everything our community members need to enjoy our services fully, including Discord and Team Speak servers, along with the game servers we run. I strongly recommend looking up the information on our forums. Hop on TS hang out and have fun or create a custom channel of your liking.



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