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[AWE] Operation Red Dragon SATURDAY 24/04/21 @ 18:00 UTC


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Operation Red Dragon

Mission Length

~2 hours






With Poseidon out of the picture the Soviets are on high alert. They are fortifying their borders and increasing their nuclear arsenal. While these fortifications were being set, an IDAP group were sent to a catastrophy site, where a town was sent under water. This group carried a powerful NATO-made generator that could supply them with power for several days. This same machine has been the reason the IDAP group has attacked last night. The US can't be known in any official capacity operating in soviet terroritory, hence why we're sent. 


Friendly Forces

CIA Black OPs unit, Airborne/Naval Special Operations

x1 2-man Field Command (CMD, Sniper)

x5 6-man Teams

x1 1-man Transport Air Crew

x1 3-man MEDIVAC Air Crew


Enemy Forces

Soviet Armed Forces, Combined Forces

- Motorized/Mechanized Infantry

- Armor

- Rotary & Fixed Wing CAS Aircraft

- Rotary Transport Aircraft


Independent Forces

x1 angry French pilot



Our primary objective is to capture or otherwise deny the soviet's access to the generator. Secondly, Washington won't be happy about a dispute over western aid workers trapped in the Soviet Union. Bring them all home if possible.



At CMD's discretion.

The generator cannot fall into soviet hands. Additionally we can't allow the soviet's to gain the upperhand in the diplomatic game, so rescuing the aid workers is a must.


Command / Logistics

Overall command falls on CIA Operations Chief "Overlord". Operational command falls on CMD.

This is an off-the-book operation. We only want high value individuals (commanders, chief of operations, pilots, drivers etc.), the rest is at CMD discretion.


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