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[bug] mortars will not always reload


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Report: when you shoot shells with the mortar, it (quite often) happens it will not reload after you fired the last HE shell (1/8)


Temporary ingame fix: (glitch): pick an explosive charge in the firetrench ammocrate, place it on the mortar; trigger it. After a few seconds a new mortar spawn with full ammo in its inventory.


Story: "As mortar operator, I want to be able to reload my mortar without having to destroy it (and thus abuse the game with the force-respawn method)."



-raise a lot the amount of HE shells available (8 -> 100 for example)?

-in the firetrench ammo crate (rooftop of the building), place "ammo" item?

-remove ammo management from the mortar?

-force the mortar operator to go resupply at the main base?




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