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How To Join AWE Frontlines


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Step 1)

Download the HTML below to somewhere easily accessible (I recommend downloading it to your desktop as we will need to drag and drop it into the Arma 3 launcher.)


Arma 3 Preset AW Frontlines Update.html


Step 2)

Open your Arma 3 Launcher, and drag the HTML file into the mods section in the launcher. The Launcher will then automatically start downloading the required mods.




Step 3)

Once the mods have finished downloading, we now need to create the preset we are going to use every time we launch ARMA with the Frontlines modset. Luckily, the launcher allows you to use the same HTML we used before, to create a preset that already has the required mods we need selected.


In the mods section of the launcher, navigate to the top right tab that says preset. At the bottom, click the import button, and select the HTML you downloaded in step one, a new preset should now be created with the required mods for Frontlines. You can now delete the HTML file, as it will no longer be needed.




Step 4)

The next step is to install the TFAR radio plugin for Teamspeak. You can locate the TS plugin within the TFAR mod folder. A guide to help you through this step can be found here



Step 5)

Now we have finished downloading the mods to join AWE Frontlines. We can now launch ARMA and connect by searching "ahoyworld" in the server filters, or by using direct connect and inputting the details below:



Port : 2302


You must also be connected to Teamspeak to join the AWE server, please connect using the following Teamspeak address:




If you have any questions, or you are still having issues in joining AWE, do not hesitate to contact a member of staff and they will be able to assist you in any issues you may be having when trying to connect to our AWE Frontlines server.




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