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AWE Frontlines Ruleset


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AWE Core Principles




We are a group of like-minded players who enjoy playing authentic modded military missions together. We are all in this together as part of the single whole that is AWE. Without you, the server would not exist. Respect each other and be open-minded about other ways to enjoy the game -- work together to the best of your ability.




As such, we expect a certain degree of maturity to ensure that co-operation and respect are looked after. Conflicts between players must not be allowed to interfere with gameplay, so leave your differences at the door and do not act rashly when faced with them.




What we aim for can only be achieved with apt organisation. For the best results, there must be a commanding element in place and everyone must follow their orders. 


Fun & Fairness


The environment of AWE is like any of our servers, a welcoming one. Enjoy yourselves, make the most of what you find and help enhance the gameplay for everyone else. As a commanding element, your job includes creating an inclusive environment where everyone gets to play fairly and nobody is disadvantaged.




Upon entering the server, you are agreeing to abide by the rules set forth by AhoyWorld. The general rules of AhoyWorld apply. Examples are provided for clarity but are not exhaustive.

  1. Obey the Chain of Command.
    1. Admins > Platoon Commander > Squad Leader > Team Leader > any other role.
    2. Armour and Air crews rank at or below Team Leaders depending on the circumstances.
    3. Do not take a command slot without the intention of playing it as a command role. We do not expect Platoon Commanders to lead the charge on the front line.


  1. Respect your fellow players; never harm them.
    1. Do not fire on targets you have not identified as hostile.
    2. Intentional or revenge teamkills will be sanctioned harshly. Apologise for accidental teamkills.
    3. Griefing, abuse of the medical system or other tactics that bring other players into harm's way fall into this category.


In addition to the following rules specific to AWE Frontlines, the rules governing all games played on AhoyWorld are applicable, found here: 


The following are the rules of AWE Frontlines.


Acting Command may override these rules if the situation calls for it.



  •  Play your role and perform the functions required by it
    • Use equipment that is appropriate for your role and always have equipment required for your role to function
    • Example of unacceptable use of equipment: Medic with marksman rifle, an LMG with a sniper scope, carrying excessive medical supplies as a non-medic, etc.
    • The use of enemy assets is to be done in accordance with the following guidance, where this is unclear refer to a member of staff or the highest person in the COC for clarification.
      • The use of clothing such as enemy uniforms, vests, and helmets is forbidden.
      • Enemy Weapons and offensive equipment are to only be used when necessary, ie: when resupply is unavailable.
      • Enemy vehicles are fine to use as it is in line with the mission. However, the use of vehicles from the current player faction should be prioritised where possible.
    • If you are a squad leader, ensure you have the means to communicate with commanding elements and other elements in the field, i.e., Long Range Radio on the appropriate channel
    • Stick with your team and never lonewolf
    • Players must seek permission from the appropriate chain of command before utilising vehicles captured in the battlefield. Failure to seek permission from command or assuming command would give permission will be seen as a violation of the rule.
  • Slot up in a sensible order
    • Prioritise infantry teams
    • Support roles are to be filled secondary to infantry roles. An exception to this are aircrews. There must be one full infantry squad before support roles can be taken. This rule is not applicable to a server population under 5.
    • The second vehicle crew (Anvil) must only be filled when there are two infantry squads active and after the first vehicle crew is filled.
    • Group composition should follow the lobby structure, unless Acting Command or the flow of gameplay demand otherwise
  • Know your limits and skills, and choose slots accordingly
    • If you do not know how to use a role effectively, reconsider the slot
      • Learn gradually, e.g., lead a team before you lead a squad
  • Permissions
    • In-game permissions such as building, recycling, and vehicle permissions are handled by the mission. 
  • Be mindful of the strategic situation
    • If you create too much awareness, it will lead to a counter attack. Clean up your own mess.
    • Same for civilian reputation. Do not go levelling civilian towns and leave others to clean up after you.
  • Respect the time that others put in
    • Only take what is needed for the current objectives. If you take an asset from base and die, find a way to recover it before taking another
    • DO NOT waste resources. Don't build items just for the sake of it or to avoid walking, and always consult with command elements first
    • DO NOT build FOB's with limited numbers online. This is a community effort to be done with input from Command and as many players as possible, as this has long-term effects on the mission.
    • Large objectives such as capital cities and large military installations are only to be attacked when you have at least one full infantry squad (9 infantry) to preserve the enjoyment of the wider player base.
  • Play the mission
    • Exploiting bugs, glitches, loopholes, exploits, … for personal gain is not permitted. If you find an example of this, please report it either on the relevant feedback thread or to a member of staff so it can be fixed



  • Use preset radio frequencies unless Command directs otherwise
  • The radio is to be used for important transmissions only unless directed otherwise
    • Any chit-chat should be had on local / direct
  • Side channel is only to be used in emergencies. If you must use text channel for anything else stick to group, vehicle and direct channel
  • You must communicate orders in a clear, effective and short manner.
  • Always keep your commanding elements informed of your situation

Tasking and Commanding


  • Ensure all elements are tasked fairly and incorporated in your plan
  • Do not abuse your powers to create an advantage for yourself or individuals

Where a player contravenes our rules, administrative staff may choose to enforce them with a sanction. Typically, staff will apply a sanction in the following order:

  • Warn the player that they have violated the particular rule
  • Kick the player for violating the rule, or repeatedly violating the rule
  • Ban the player for violating the rule, or repeatedly violating the rule

Depending on the severity of the infraction, administrative sanctions may be applied in any order: a player may be immediately kicked or banned if the offence is sufficiently severe.
If you disagree with a rule or decision, bring it up so it may be resolved in a constructive manner. Any ambiguity can be clarified as needed, but administrative staff will always have the final word regarding the clarification of the situation.

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