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Frontlines Changelog


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Frontlines update: 17/04/2021


[Tweaked] Radio Channel chart updated for new groups

[Tweaked] Corpse limit lowered

[Tweaked] Civs will despawn from sectors earlier

[Tweaked] Hammer & Anvil SL's now Commanders

[Tweaked] Squad management menu moved to Team Management category

[Tweaked] Colours added to Build/Cancel options

[Tweaked] Supply trucks can now move 200 resources instead of 100

[Tweaked] Empty crates added to supply depot

[Tweaked] BAF Vehicle Servicing Point added to Build Menu

[Tweaked] Slingloading should be available with crates in a heli

[Tweaked] Hide markers added to diary

[Tweaked] Progress since last logon added to diary

[Tweaked] 4 players minimum added for counterattacks

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Frontlines update 19/04/2021


[Tweaked] Changed scaling on objectives

[Tweaked] Changed side mission timer to be 45 minutes

[Tweaked] Updated cleanup scripts Fixed recycling mobile respawns

[Fixed] DUI settings now sort properly

[Fixed] Possible fix for 'overflow' issue

[Fixed] Fix for unloading helicopter crates

[Tweaked] Ambient AI will now sleep when the server is empty

[Added] Added general resupply crates for BAF


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Frontlines update 21/04/2021


[Added] Icons added to all Frontlines ACE Actions

[Added] Weight check on arsenal exit

[Added] Common arsenal items config

[Added] Extra check for positive resources before completing a build

[Added] Sprud to VDV medium vehicles

[Added] Sector garrison mechanics, further explained in tutorial menu


[Tweaked] Type of vehicles at counterattacks are now linked to threat level

[Tweaked] Humanitarian Relief mission scaling [Tweaked] Clean up after sector is left

[Tweaked] Radio channel chart has correct frequencies (coinciding with AW Mod update)

[Tweaked] Zeus will now only have AllVehicles added rather then All

[Tweaked] Capture ratio to 66%

[Tweaked] Civ rep loss on building damage to 4% and 8% for destruction

[Tweaked] Sector reinforcement timer increased by 5 minutes

[Tweaked] Opfor Jet cooldown increased by 15 minutes

[Tweaked] Max intel gained from objects reduced by 1

[Tweaked] Added laser batteries to arsenal to try and prevent crashing issue

[Tweaked] Counter attacks no longer surrender, instead will be deleted once area is left

[Tweaked] Prevent variables being broadcast if no change

[Tweaked] Factories now cap at 1000 resources stored


[Fixed] Zeus 'Lose sector' action not removing factory/radio tower

[Fixed] Unloading crates from BAF Merlin

[Fixed] Reinforcement helicopters now patrol once paratroopers have left

[Fixed] Bug causing towns to spawn with 2 extra squads

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[Tweaked] Non-pilots can now use parachutes

[Tweaked] Sectors now have an independent spawn and capture radius, so keep an eye out for the differences between sector types.

[Tweaked] BRDM to Light Vehicles

[Tweaked] Added some generic headwear to arsenal

[Possible Fix] Issue with binocular slot (unsure if fix will help)

[Fixed] Mission Progress hint not being setup on initPlayerLocal

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Frontlines update 30/04/2021

[Added] Silencers, coyote carryall to arsenal
[Added] Override in Opfor config to force faction crew into vehicle crew slots if the config doesn't match the chosen faction
[Tweaked] UAV's will no longer show AI name on the map
[Tweaked] Server will now wipe on completion, game is still playable until restart where it would reset
[Tweaked] Factories produce 100 supplies every 30 minutes, instead of 20
[Tweaked] Waypoints now cleared with CBA function
[Tweaked] Wreck cleanup timers reduced
[Tweaked] Scaling increased on some secondary missions
[Tweaked] Ambient opfor will now scale with the average garrison strength across the region
[Fixed] Negative supplies when logi convoys are starting at a FOB
[Fixed] Listening Post not being viewed as finished if full 60 intel is gained
[Changed] Flip function replaced with push function - you can now push a vehicle in the direction you are facing. Be careful not to push it into a friendly!

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Frontlines Version 0.3.0 update for 02/05/2021


[Added] All defensive AI will now be utilising LAMBS fully, including camps, garrisons and patrols


[Fixed] Factions using other factions vehicles will now correctly spawn their own units

[Fixed] Reinforcements spawning at a recently captured radio tower

[Fixed] Planes not being removed from count once they are dead


[Tweaked] UAVs will now be setup by server in all cases

[Tweaked] Logi ambush mission should find a more accurate road in more cases

[Tweaked] Platoon roles have increased access to more actions at FOB

[Tweaked] Opfor objective finding has its gradient check 'relaxed'

[Tweaked] IED factory marker made smaller

[Tweaked] Scaling on various secondary objectives

[Tweaked] USMCd configs (arsenal and vehicles) and common arsenal configs

[Tweaked] HC will now recieve units at postInit

[Tweaked] Crate unload position on CH53

[Tweaked] Chance of a side mission spawning now directly related to threat level

[Tweaked] Distance based cleanup reduced to 1000m from 1500m

[Tweaked] Opfor can now used fixed wing aircraft in FOB Assaults

[Tweaked] AN-2 removed from Middle East Civilians (90% of the time it failed to land)

[Replaced] GRAD Workaround replaced with a permanent fix with HC now correctly loading all mods

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Frontlines Version 0.3.2 update for 10/5/21


[Added] More information into tutorial menu
[Added] Mission progress display on map


[Tweaked] USMCwd configs

[Tweaked] Save radius on FOBs


[Fixed] Blufor units spawning incorrectly when they should act as opfor

[Fixed] Rare chance of ambient civilian not finding a suitable waypoint and getting stuck

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Frontlines Version 0.4.0 update for 12/5/21

[Added] CBA Settings for UI and Map Marker update intervals
[Added] GUIs into the mission

[Tweaked] CBA Settings now formatted into sub categories
[Tweaked] Logistics menu
[Tweaked] USMCwd Arsenal
[Tweaked] Mission SQM no longer has RHS dependencies
[Tweaked] Cleaned and reformatted some configs to make it easier for faction makers
[Tweaked] Some object inits moved to CBA_fnc_addClassEventHandler
[Tweaked] If ambient AI dies without vehicle, vehicle will now correctly despawn if not in use

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Frontlines Version 0.4.1 update for 19/05/21


[Added] Vehicle crew drivers are now basic engineers
[Added] CBA setting to disable the resources UI on the map


[Tweaked] Squad engineers are now advanced engineers
[Tweaked] Opfor objectives now consider 5 areas along the frontline
[Tweaked] Server now runs more object initialisations through CBA Events
[Tweaked] Default loadout added to ACE Arsenal Default Loadouts


[Fixed] Deploy menu not opening all the time
[Fixed] Naming in SQM

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Frontlines Version 0.4.5 update for 11/06/21


[Tweaked] Crates can now spawn anywhere within a town/city's sector

[Tweaked] Handling of crates now uses base classes


[Fixed] Units that are captured will no longer be deleted once a secondary objective is left

[Fixed] Crates will no longer despawn when ACE loaded after IED factory

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Frontlines Version 0.4.6 update for 16/06/21


[Tweaked] Map lights added to all factions

[Tweaked] HuntIR rounds added

[Tweaked] Counterattack timer increased by 5 minutes

[Tweaked] If counterattack is successful, garrison strength will match average across the region


[Fixed] Sometimes PoW's could not be captured

[Fixed] Sometimes the helicopter mobile respawn couldn't be used

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Frontlines Version 0.4.7 update for 30/06/21


[Tweaked] POW's must be on foot to be captured
[Tweaked] TL's can now recycle and move objects
[Tweaked] Intel gain from POW now increases with threat level
[Tweaked] Improved opfor hunting during humanitarian mission
[Tweaked] Vehicle must be still for crates to be unloaded

[Fixed] Sometimes mobile respawns were showing on map when destroyed

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Frontlines Version 0.4.10 update for 21/07/21


[Tweaked] FOB Assault will now target the busiest FOB
[Tweaked] How AI are given to HC, should work better to prevent squads losing waypoints
[Tweaked] All missions now take place in 2035
[Tweaked] Moved & removed a few objectives on Cherno
[Tweaked] AI will stop surrendering after a certain time without being handcuffed

[Fixed] Build menu showing incorrect second digit for mission progress requirements

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Frontlines Version 0.5.0 update for 25/10/21

[Added] Guerrilla support menu for SL's and PL
- call guerrillas for support on attacking objectives (infantry and mechanised)
- ask for mortar support
- ask for logistical support clearing objectives of resource crates once inactive - more coming soon

[Tweaked] Skip time option to SL's
[Tweaked] Guerrillas will only attack independently if civ rep is negative

Many minor tweaks and fixes have been completed since the last version update, these will not be mentioned here due to the difficulty in recording them all.
The tutorial menu has been updated with changes to the 'Building', 'Civilian Reputation' and 'Guerrilla Forces' categories, check them out!

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Frontlines Version 0.5.2 update for 24/12/21


[Added] Activate sector button for zeuses

[Added] Setting to disable Frontlines UI when at FOB


[Tweaked] Wounds found on civilians at sectors

[Tweaked] Surrendered AI no longer drop weapons (and will after some time, un-surrender and continue the fight)

[Tweaked] UAVs can now be recycled


[Fixed] Civs healing themselves at objectives

[Fixed] Dead blufor units counting in the capture ratio

[Fixed] Typo in Clear UXO mission

[Fixed] Selling free mobile respawn for free resources

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Frontlines Version 1.0 update for 20/4/22

[AddedDynamic Groups
[AddedPlayers now skip lobby on connection
[Tweaked] Listening post deployment radius increased by 25m
[Tweaked] Ambient civs will no longer delete if stuck, they will be repaired and moved to another location
[Tweaked] Ambient civs can no longer spawn in an active sector
[Tweaked] Removed old squad menu

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Frontlines Version 1.0.1 update for 26/4/22

[Added] Setting to auto-save loadout on exiting arsenal (enabled by default)

[Tweaked] Variety of code to reduce network traffic when a player joins
[Tweaked] ACE Interaction conditions (may load slightly faster for some players)

[Fixed] Repair depot for Sons of Mahag not working

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