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[AWE] Operation Evergreen SUNDAY 18/04/21 @ 18:00 UTC


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Operation Evergreen

Mission Length

~2 hours






A soviet arms dealer, codenamed "Poseidon", has made his name by selling weapons to both soviet insurgency, middle eastern parties and has served as off-shore funding and arsenal by special forces in the Eastern Bloc. The CIA tracked every lead they could get their hands on and learned that he will be attending a business meeting regarding a big shipping operation in Albania. For this, we have dispatched a black ops unit to kidnap him and cease the operation by any means necessary. 


Friendly Forces

CIA Black OPs unit, Airborne Special Operations

x1 2-man Field Command (CMD, Medic)

x5 6-man Teams

x1 1-man Transport Air Crew

x1 3-man CAS/MEDIVAC Air Crew (Pilot, Crew Chief, Crew)


Enemy Forces

(Corrupt) Albanian Armed Forces, Combined Forces

- Motorised/Mechanized Infantry

- Suspected Armor

- Rotary Transport Aircraft


Independent Forces

(Corrupt) Albanian Police, Patrols & Checkpoints



We need to either intercept the soviet arms dealer in transit and interrogate him about the shipping operation OR track him to the site. Either way we need him alive. We know of an Albanian Lieutenant in the area with some information on the cargo and manifests, it would be nice to capture him as well. From there, it's search & destroy on the shipping operations.



At CMD's discretion.

"Poseidon" needs to be grabbed alive. He has most likely planned multiple escape routes, so swiftness and accuracy is of utmost importance. ROE is only fire if confirmed hostile. 


Command / Logistics

Overall command falls on CIA Operations Chief "Overlord". Operational command falls on CMD.

This is an off-the-book operation. We only want high value individuals (Lieutenants, chief of operations, drivers etc.), the rest is at CMD discretion.



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