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[AWE] FRONTLINES FRIDAY -- Grand Opening, Friday 16 April 2021 @ 1730 UTC


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The final modset for Friday has been attached!



Your usual clientside mods are also still allowed.

Please note that we have moved from ShackTac UI to the current and supported DUI. If you use a custom FOV, the squad radar will render weird. This is an Arma bug. STUI is still keyed and you can swap DUI for STUI, but you will miss out on a number of cool features.


Also, we're changing to exciting new medical settings!

With these settings, your teamwork will shine. The more you stick together, the earlier you will catch your buddy going down, and the faster you can get them back up or call the medic.

Get ready to drag your downed mates out of danger and scramble to a casualty collection point.



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