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In-game name when banned: babil


What message displays when you attempt to connect? Ban


Why do you think you were banned? Recruting to team speak which I didn't know it's forbidden by the server rules.


Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? More than half year has passed and I learned my lesson. I realy would like to come back and now I read the server rules.


Which administrator banned you (if known): Don't remember


When were you banned: Somewhere around summer last year


What server were you banned from? ARMA3 EU1/2

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Hello @Babil


You have been banned on the 23rd of April last year so I've come to the conclusion that you indeed have served your time. I will lift your ban effective now.


Please do remember to read and follow our rules in the future.

Here is a link for future reference: 



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