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AW Mod Feedback Thread

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Change the Bundeswehr uniform to a different version of Flectarn to help distinguish between Germans and rebels that wear the same stuff + make the Germans look a bit more authentic.

Current uniform - rhsgref_uniform_flecktarn_full




Suggested uniform - LOP_U_Fatigue_BDU_FLEC_02




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Add "Play on EU1" button on the same menu as the "Play on AWE" button (and a "Play on MSO" button might be cool if it can check server status and only appear when the server is up).


Obviously would need to permit AWMod as an optional on EU1.

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AW Mod has been updated today with the following changes:

  • Fix for double opening of view distance menu
  • View distance will now change if you are driving a UGV (car) and UAV (air)
  • Clear grass action added
  • Inventory management actions added
  • Chestpack actions now client toggle

These options can be found in Addon Settings: AW Mod - Client, as shown below.


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On 4/16/2021 at 10:04 PM, WinterMute said:

@Havoc said in the Frontlines thread: "Also: the AW view distance menu resets the terrain settings to smoothest every time I open it."


U menu does behave weird - https://clips.twitch.tv/IcySpeedyDelicataWow-DWds5ngyGo7pxtnI


Would like it if DUI would hide when using "hide UI" :)

So this weird behaviour is because it doesn't allow you to have a number less then 500 (as thats what default arma uses) and I update the view distance on the onKeyUp event (once you've released the key) so you can preview the distance. I think a possible solution could be to not run the code if less then 2 characters are entered, which will mean it won't set it to the minimum of 500 as you type.

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As not every op/person uses DUI I would prefer to avoid including this in the AW Mod HUD, however you can be quite clever and change the keybind that DUI provides to disable their UI. If you set this to the same as your disable HUD key (Ctrl+Shift+F by default), it'll do both at the same time. :) image.thumb.png.74a7b8c967da1ce8ab0d391c2e93d6c0.png

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The newest update to AW Mod has the following changelog:


[Added] Air view distance is now split into Rotary and Other Air for extra customisability


[Tweaked] AW_RESOURCES has been merged into AW_UI
[Tweaked] Minimum view distance reduced to 100m from 500m


[Fixed] Unusual behaviour on radio channel chart


[Removed] UIs for Frontlines have been removed

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The Ahoyworld Mod is constantly growing and with the hard work of our dev team it now provides both custom factions and many useful functions.
However we have noticed that the dependency on BAF and RHS has limited it's usefulness.


To this end we have split the AW mod into two separate mods. Effectively Ahoyworld Functions and Ahoyworld Factions.


This 2 mods are available now for mission makers to make use of and will be implemented to Fronlines on EU3 Wednesday 16th June in time for our weekly Frontlines gamenight.


The original mod will remain on the workshop for the short term but will be taken down after the switch is complete.




Functions Mod:


Factions Mod:




Any questions please ask.

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