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Operation Chingados (Chapter Three)


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Hello all,


I figured it was about time to make an official forum post for Operation Chingados (Chapter Three) since we're hoping to launch this Saturday (March 6th). Similarly to Chapter One and Two, this new thread will be used to announce each weekly mission so that players are able to have a grasp of the situation pre-briefing if they so desire.


I also wanted to throw in a summary of my recap video (https://youtu.be/ZTyVq7owUskfor anyone who didn't watch or understand it so that players are all on the same page come launch, although this is by no means a necessity.


As always, everyone is welcome and encouraged to join and I'm really looking forward to seeing you all in the field!

- Johnson



What is Operation Chingados?

  • Mexican War on Drugs style campaign
  • Interactive story driven missions
  • Semi-hardcore gameplay


Who are the factions?

  • [BLUFOR - players] Operation Chingados Agency (OCA)
  • [OPFOR - enemyThe Los Zetas Cartel ("Zetas", "Zs")
  • [INDEP - enemyMexican Federal Police ("Federales", "Feds")


What is the story so far?

  • Chapter One: OCA arrive on the island / multiple Federales-assisted raids on Los Zetas / possible police corruption
  • Chapter Two: Conflict greatly escalates / OCA start to suffer / both sides take severe losses / OCA second-in-command assassinated by Federales
  • Chapter Three (prelude): Federales and Los Zetas working together / OCA on the defensive / island falling into chaos


What is the structure/roles?

  • Four squads + command (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta + Omega)
  • Two teams per squad (6 men per squad, 3 men per team)
  • Team 1: Squad Leader, Medic, Operator / Team 2: Team Leader, Breacher, Operator





Operation ChingadosZEN.html




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A few days after Federales forces turned hostile towards the OCA, survivors led by Agent Chris and his new right-hand-man Agent Kyle attempt to reorganize and counterattack local combatants in order to acquire breathing room and gain intel on the island's deteriorating situation...



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After scavenging what supplies they could find amidst the conflict, the OCA lay a trap for the Federales forces who are preparing to assault the agents' HQ. In the meantime, OCA command prepares their next move and formulates an exit-strategy from Tembelan...



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With their new HQ secure and partial communication established with U.S. forces, the OCA now plan a series of offensive moves against the Los Zetas leaders hiding on the island. Agent Chris believes it’s about time to finish what they started on Tembelan…



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Although only one of their two targets were captured last mission, the OCA now plan to use the panicked remaining Pérez brother as bait in luring out whats left of the cartel on the island. Time is of the essence as their window of opportunity is quickly closing…



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