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Cheesy Chips


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In-game name when banned: Cheesy Chips


What message displays when you attempt to connect? I can't remember it exactly but it was about recruiting


Why do you think you were banned? For recruiting


Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? I feel that it was an innocent mistake and i really enjoy the server and didn't realise recruiting was against you rules. I wasn't tryna recruit for a unit, just to add friends on steam cause they were cool guys. I know for future that this isn't acceptable in your server and really hope you guys see fit to raise my ban cause i have really enjoyed the time i have spent playing on your server.


Which administrator banned you (if known): I have no idea, it was as soon as i joined.


When were you banned: 26th Feb


What server were you banned from? ARMA3 EU1/2

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Hello @CheesyChips


I have reviewed your ban report and the ban report of @SarbuS. As part of the evidence in Sarbuses case you have been named the boss of a group actively advertising / recruiting on AhoyWorld servers.


The rules of AhoyWorld are applicable on all our servers and services, they can be found by a number of ways, for example the forums, in-game on the maps screen and on our discord server as well. By playing on our server you accept these rules and abide to play by them. Claiming ignorance of the rules is in my opinion not a excuse in this case.


AhoyWorld strives to deliver the complete package with game servers, Discord, Team Speak and forums. There are a great number of volunteers who do an excellent job of making sure a player should not be left wanting for much outside of the services we provide. We do all of this quite dependent on the donations from the player base we have and work hard to maintain, which in my eyes makes using our services as a recruiting platform quite a low blow.



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Thank you for your quick response. I just wanted to reply to you and let you know I fully respect your decision and that you made it with valid points. I just wanted to apologise again. As an extra note, I just saw Sarbus's appeal and wanted to clarify on a few of the points made. There is a discord group however it was not based on recruiting and me and other admin staff there had no idea that he was off recruiting people to join, and we had no intention in harming your server or its player base by drawing them away. Nobody had

asked him to do that as I knew the people in there already. If there was any possible way to get this ban removed I would love to hear back from you again. However again, I am extremely sorry that this situation ever occurred and for any offence this has caused to you or any other members of your admin team. I appreciate the work you're putting in and as such fully support your decision. Thank you for the time you took to respond. 

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Not to worry! I fully respect your decision and will be appealing in 6 months time and hopefully can convince you of another outcome. Sarbus has been banned from our community on discord for breaching your rules because as I saw from his appeal, he showed you guys and your work utter disrespect and it reflects poorly on all of us associated with him, especially with consideration to the fact the actions he took were made behind our back away from our own knowledge. I appreciate the time and thought put into your responses and fully agree and understand everything you have communicated to me, and I hope to be in contact in 6 months time. All the best and take care. 

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