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Hello @SarbuS


I have reviewed your ban report, which contains clear evidence of passing along discord info for your Discord group with added requirements of name changes for joining players, there is also reference to a command structure in the group in the form of naming a boss (@CheesyChips) for said group. This to me is an indication of advertisement and/or recruiting, which is prohibited by the rules of AhoyWorld.


The rules of AhoyWorld are applicable on all our servers and services, they can be found by a number of ways, for example the forums, in-game on the maps screen and on our discord server as well. By playing on our server you accept these rules and abide to play by them. Claiming ignorance of the rules is in my opinion not a excuse in this case.


AhoyWorld strives to deliver the complete package with game servers, Discord, Team Speak and forums. There are a great number of volunteers who do an excellent job of making sure a player should not be left wanting for much outside of the services we provide. We do all of this quite dependent on the donations from the player base we have and work hard to maintain, which in my eyes makes using our services as a recruiting platform quite a low blow.



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