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Admins allowed to change pylons on rewards


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Dear staff,


Im wondering if admins are allowed to change pylons on reward vehicles (Ah-99 Blackfoot for example) from Skalpels to some other AGM? This because the admin in question didnt know how to use the current AGM properly.


Kind regards,


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On our servers yes, admins & spartans can change pylons on assets if they see fit.


I will lay out how we do this below & hopefully this helps you out :) 


step one  - load the mod Achilles & and its dependencies (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=723217262)


step two - Load into your game, enter Zeus and double left click on the asset in question


step three - A menu should now be open with health, ammo, etc. Below the sliders there will be a few boxes with Loadout, garage, etc. Select "Loadout" then using the menu that pops up change the pylons.



If this is a request to change the random loadouts to a fixed one on EU 1 I recommend posting here

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Hey @Cold,

Not sure the context of this question. 
This sub forum is generally for help and support relating to modded missions. 

If you have a specific suggestion for I&A3 please leave it here:

If your message is in relation to the actions of staff please provide details here, if you feel necessary:


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