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Bringing dat Scottish heat. (MrSixFour)


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Hello ladies and jellyspoons,

My name is MrSixFour, I'm 21, I'm from Scotland and I'm also a youtuber :) (www.youtube.com/User/MrSix64Four [For those of you interested :)] I also have over 10 years experience playing games by Bohemia, from Operation Flashpoint to Armed Assault and all the way through to the ArmA 3 Beta, I love Bohemia's games. Just can't get enough of them :)

During my time as a member of the Bohemia community I have also served various different clans and communities in many different roles, stretching from Moderator to Admin. I am a seasoned player who is easy-going, funny and a good person to chat with! 

Anyway guys, I look forward to meeting you all,

Have a good one! 




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