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Farewell from GTX 2018


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I am here to inform you that I will officially leaving this community do to the fact that I was mistreated from the very beginning. This mistreated has caused me to react in a certain way and say stuff that was not awfully out of line but considered. It is true that I was finally banned for the first time for something soo silly.

For those who didn't know how this happened....

in side mission as I was observing a player who was going to suicide, he got out of his vehicle in middle of enemy infantry and decided to go on foot. I happened to say things like "your suiciding!" followed by you going in middle of the enemy suiciding!" and was accused by certain staff that I was not nice to that player by saying those phrases. The question here is was i not nice by saying those things? or was it caring that had led me to say those things so I want him to survive and value his life. Here I thought we are RP role playing and we dont have second life or more like we act like we don't second life yet a staff accuses for not being nice. So I happened to say words that counts as staff disrespect such as "enough", other things (check chat logs) which was less severe than those common words like "sdfu" or "shut up" or the use of word F in chat or anything similar. So, I received a kick. Now when I was saying those words I didn't know I went out of line as I was "simply" trying to inform them that I am not saying words that are not nice to other players. however, here is the second problem, had I recieve a warning that I crossed the line of staff disrespect i would of stopped. but instead after a good 5 to 10 minutes I got kicked. I did not get a warning about the staff disrespect. here i thought a good staff would simply warning players that they did something wrong and next time you will either be kicked or banned. I do not get those kind of a warning but a good silent of 5 to 10minutes and suddenly kicked. that hurt my feelings and to see other staff backing this makes me sick.


I here to let you know that I don't deserve to hold this title "member of community" purely because I was banned for something "that I believe was wrongly staged" which has led me to say things to staff and, kicking without warnings. I wouldn't have said that if I wasn't accused of from the very beginning, and things during that day would of turned out better.

Now I came back three to four days ago to join and play the very same community again as I missed arma playstyle as you can see how active I became when I came back. And to be mistreated like this and to be staged is something awful and I don't like it. Now staff might have different opinion on how things happened giving that fact they can check logs and see who was at wrong but i wish if they can read the whole chat and check if how the things i have just said wasn't nice rather than checking the things I said to a member of staff which has led me to being kicked. I wanted to have a normal day but I guess things got out of hand.


It is true that I have made a ban appeal, because that how the system works, in order to get unban you must appeal for it. This is perfectly understandable. I have thought about it last night and I don't think i should be to blame for the entire problem, from getting kicked to getting a ban. the kick was staged and the member staff made me say things less awfully bad but considered to be kickable as it is disrespect to staff. Now if they let me know that I was out of line I would stopped but no one has said anything and after a good 5 to 10 minutes, kicked was placed.


It is embarrassing for me as a member of community to be banned for breaking rules and be disrespectful to others (staged again). therefore, my title should be stripped as I don't deserve it at all. to make matters worse as I said in the beginning, I will leave arma community and go back to my other games. Sadly i didnt want this to happen but I wasnt sure if arma and the community was right for me and to experience something like this makes me wanna get away. I am sorry if I have disappointed you "for those who knew me" 


- Another thing. I would like my unban request to be cancelled as I am leaving for good. 




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