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[EU3] Operation Monopoly - Modded Zeus Gamenight 07/02/2021 @ 18:30 UTC


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Event Date: 07/02/2021


Event Start Time: 18:30 UTC


Server will open 30 minutes before kickoff to allow people to slot in early and troubleshoot mods or set up gear.


Briefing:  Couple of months ago the american soldiers seized a great important town of ours; Zargabad. This doesn't go unnoticed. As we've finally got a momentum going, breaking through several defensive lines, we aim to retake our homeland along with its people. We will retake Zargabad. We will remove western influence.




Player Slots: 35

Command // 2-man element
Alpha-Delta // 8-man infantry squads
Rhino // 3-man armor element


Player Assets:

x1 T-55
x1 BMP-2
x1 BMP-1
Various ground transport vehicles


Expected Mission Length: 120 minutes (give/take a couple of minutes)


Mods Required: ZargabadOperations.html


Other Notes:

This is a Gamenight that was created and will be Zeused by SiegeSix.  If you have a mission that you would like to run for our community, please use our Gamenight request form found here: 


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