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Stuart G. - A hello (again).


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** brushes off the dust settled on his Forum account ***


Hi there guys,


It's been a long while. 


My name is Stuart and Ahoyworld was my life for 2 straight years before my uni. I remember the great times this community gave me almost every day playing EU3 and later AWE. It was amazing. Being known as a horrible shot I almost always flew transport and to this day it remains one of my fondest memories, shuttling troops to and from as Vortex 1 or 2 and later Angel 1 and 2. I remember that flying formation as two aircraft was the most rewarding and fun thing to do at the time. 

Well, with my uni starting I had to sadly take a step back from Arma as a whole and while I still played games, I never had the time to dedicate and come back. Until now. 
While the community seems to have evolved and had many ups and downs (atleast from what I could see by every so often stalking the forums) I am so happy to still see it around 6 years after I joined. (Atleast thats what my TS account is claiming, (22/01/2015) baby!). 

Eventhough I do not expect to experience the same gameplay I had back then, I am happy to be able to dedicate atleast some time back to Arma and there is no other community I feel I could be happier joining again. 


So hello everyone, new and old. I hope I can come chat with you on TS and maybe even see you around on the battlefield. The constant missions running currently seem totally cool! 

Until then!

A pic I uploaded to the forum in 2017. I remember this! I just graduated highschool at the time. Totally crazy to still see it on the website in the gallery.

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Welcome back. 
We currently have our own  customised version of Liberation running 24/7 on AWE and regular gamenight missions be hosted there. 

Tonight is actually the start of our return to Vietnam so if you can get the mods set up in time you are very much welcome.


Either way, I'm sure we will see you on server at some stage.

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