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[EU3] Operation Cinder Block - Modded Zeus Gamenight 31/01/2021 @ 18:30 UTC


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Event Date: 31/01/2020


Event Start Time: 18:30 UTC


Server will open 30 minutes before kickoff to allow people to slot in early and troubleshoot mods or set up gear.


Briefing: The war in the middle east is at its all time highest. The US forces have pushed the insurgent cells back, seizing territory by the day. Recent reconnaissance shows weapon and ammo stashes hidden in the central town of Zargabad. We've tasked a USMC platoon to deal seize the central town of Zargabad and neutralize the insurgent caches along any thread that may show it self.




Player Slots: 35

Command // 3-man element
Alpha-Charlie // 10-man infantry squads
Vortex // 2-man pilot team 


Player Assets:

x2 Transport Hueys
x1 Armed Huey
x2 AH-1G
Various ground transport vehicles


Expected Mission Length: 120 minutes (give/take a couple of minutes)


Mods Required: ZargabadOperations.html


Other Notes:

This is a Gamenight that was created and will be Zeused by SiegeSix.  If you have a mission that you would like to run for our community, please use our Gamenight request form found here: 


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