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Sling loading issue


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So I have this problem when sling loading, when the speed gets high enough (100-120kph) there is a risk that the chopper gets jolted upside down. It doesn't seem to matter how gentle I am with the controls. This has happened on Ahoy server, Official servers, and it also happens in editor/scenarios.


Here's couple of clips to show what happens:

Arma 3 - Orca sling load issue - YouTube

Orca sling load issue 3rd person - YouTube


I wonder if somebody here knows anything about this, or how to fix it.

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Well, managed to repro the issue, so it doesn't look like it has anything to do with RotorLib settings. It seems to me though, it only happens when you're cruising at a very low attack angle, and not applying much input at all.


This was after about 8 minutes of flying, trying to force the issue .....



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Same issue regardless of RotorLib settings, the Orca is just broken. Just tried slinging the pallet with 4 barrels on it, and it took like 7-8 attempts because as soon as the chopper gets loaded, it starts rolling like crazy. And it's not like i was being rough or anything. Centered the load and gently increased collective ....



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