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Update: Liberation status and switch to TFAR

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Hi All,


Following the poll to choose a radio mod I asked you to bear with us while we made the necessary changes.

I'm happy to say that we are now in a position to implement the change to TFAR, which we are hoping to accomplish when the current play through of Liberation is complete. This could be as early as tomorrow following the game night.


We will also be taking this opportunity to make another small adjustment to the modset.

The changes in modset will result in a small net saving in file sizes circa 100MB in the total Liberation modset.


We are excited to introduce the AW Faction mod.

This mod, while still in its infancy, will include custom factions for both Liberation and for mission makers to use for gamenights.

The current version has some proof of concept items included.

We are adding it now to avoid another modset change in the near future.


The changes to the modset are as follows:


  • Acre2
  • Acre Animations



  • TFAR
  • TFAR Animations 
  • Ace SAF Compat  
  • Ace Cup Terrains Compat
  • AW Mod



AW Liberation 2021.html



If you have any questions or comments please leave them here or message me direct if you wish.



AWE Manager


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