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Project+SFX Can we use it ? or need all falks this mod ?



Hallo  Mod Team  i found a another mod but i dont know if we can use it  on the server from the

publicly server, i dont want to spam or drop some Trash on here, i want only some well or arwesome mod  that can or cloud usefull  for the game experiance. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2129532219&searchtext=Project+SFX%3A+Remastered

This is all Please Let me know  in Teamspeak and Here in Forum What do you think over this  and thanks  for the message please send it on other Ahoy World Members and let the folks know 

thanks for Reeding  and have a Well New Year and we see and Hear us 

you Everett/Timo 

das wünsche ich dir  Wunder schöne Grüße und Bleib gesund 

I wish you wonderful greetings and stay healthy

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ok thanks  Midnight 

but i have a another question is it posible to make a Insurgensy Tagistan server ? 
with the Charakter models  Talibans ?  that we have some alternation to play ?  hope 
The AW cloud  make a Insurgensy Tagistan (Taliban) server 

Thanks  that you Read the Sentence and give ma a Answer _)

greetings and Good Night 
Beste Grüße und Gute Nacht

your Everett/Timo
dein Everett/Timo

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Hi @Everett


We are currently running Liberation on our modded server. This has many similarities to Insurgency.
See https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/15470-how-to-join-awe-liberation/ for more information.


We have invested a large amount of time into customising the mission for our purposes and are not looking to change the persistent mission at this time.

In the future if we do then we will consider Insurgency at that time.



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