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ShackTac User Interface, DUI - Squad Radar

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Please whitelist the ShackTac User Interface successor DUI - Squad Radar and make both mods optional for AWE (ST UI is currently mandatory).


I personally prefer DUI and I can imagine that I'm not the only one, but I can also imagine that there are others who prefer to use ST UI, so I suggest making both options available, similar to how it is done on our Invade & Annex server(s).

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When the Liberation modset was finalised it was decided to include Shacktac as a required mod. This was to level the playing field for everyone. New players would not need to go find another mod and would not be missing the data that it provides and SL/TL would know that the team members would have access to that information. Experienced players could always turn it off in the settings if it is not wanted.


Now that Shacktac will no longer be supported long term and DUI is an alternative we have looked at the possibilities in relation to this. For EU1 we have added DUI as an optional mod (although it doesn't play nice with something on EU1 at the moment). We have decided that EU3 will eventually move to DUI as shacktac may eventually become unstable but that will be some time in the future.


We understand that having these mods as optional would be preferred by some but the decision was to keep Liberation as uniform as possible as so we have decided to stay with Shacktac for the time being.

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