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A New Year.


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Hello Members, Donators and Guests,


  Welcome to 2021! This is a new year for the World and our Community. Ahoyworld would like to thank all the Donators for your donations towards our community and hope that you continue to as we are reliant on them. This year will be full of good times with friends and new friends on our Public/Modded servers but also on our TeamSpeak server as well (ts.ahoyworld.net) so come and join us if you would like. This year will also be full of Events so keep an eye on our Events page for the full details ranging from Multiple Session Operations (MSO) to Campaign like Zeus missions (regular Mission Makers) to Game nights hosted by individuals like you. 


  If you would like more information on any of these there will be links for you to click on below. But here is the low down on these: 

MSO - Multi Session Operations, we used to use ALiVE but due to instability we switched to just hosting Zeus game nights with a story that spans several weeks. First person only and a somewhat higher immersion mod count. RP is highly encouraged. Tends to put players in hard spots vs AI.


Campaign mission - On our Enhanced server we have regular modded missions. Emphasizing tactics and teamwork.  


Game nights - If you've come up with a mission that you would like to run on our servers, this is how you can do it! We have a framework available as a good starting point for your ideas (Mission creator framework), and when the mission is ready, you simply fill out a game night request found here(Game night request form). Staff will work with you to test your mission, make any necessary changes, and find a slot for it in our events calendar.  Can be as simple as a Zeus enhanced I&A session, to custom missions with mods.








Thank you for being part of our community as without you...there wouldn't be one!


Staff Team

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