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Op. Breakthrough 2\1\21 @ 19:00 UTC

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Mission Name:

Operation Breakthrough.


Server Details: 


Port: 2402


Mods Required:




TS address: ts.ahoyworld.net


Expected Mission Length: 120+ minutes (may go over or under expected mission length)


Player Slots: 

Chaos(command): 2

Hitman 1-1: 10

Hitman 1-2: 10

Shindig: 1

Wolverine: 3


Total slots: 26



USMC forces are gearing up to take the last stronghold of the insurgent forces in Takistan. Aided by a detachment from the engineer corps from the army, they are to do a final push in their AO to seize the last strongholds of the insurgents.




4x M1240

1xM1152 SICPS






Friendly Forces:

USMC and Army


Enemy Forces:

Takistan Insurgents


Neutral Forces:






This is a last push to clear out any insurgents still left in our AO. We have engineer support from the Army to help with any IEDs and mines.

Its gonne be a straight up assault on enemies strongholds.





1. Clear the road through the waypoints given by command. 

2. Attack and clear out HUZRUTIMAM

3. Attack and clear out the Airfield 



Movement Plan:

At Commanders discretion


Rules of Engagement:

Any person holding a gun is deemed a combatant and should be neutralized.




Admin & Logistics


Equipment & Resupply:

Ammocrates with ammo and supplies.



Respawn available. Ferried in by Shindig.




Command & Control




Operational control on the ground lies with the platoon commander.




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I enjoyed this mission a lot, despite fears, that disabled HUD and nameplates will make it total chaos.

Kudos to @Jochem and @Karate Pyjamas for keeping the mission rolling with such limitations.


I still would prefer to see at least the nameplates tho. I often opened MED menu on people, just to see who am I talking to, which is super awkward.


Another suggestion: slightly speed up fluid infusions. It took VERY long time for people with blood loss to regain consciousnes - simply because how slowly they regained fluids.

Stitching was disabled as well, but somehow I saw almost no wound re-openings, possibly again due to medical settings.

If the wounds re-opened the way, we are used to from AWE, inability to stitch wound make the mission nightmare for everyone - but as I say, the re-open chance seemed to be supressed, perhaps intentionally?


On a side note (not regarding just this mission):

The medical crates at mission start were so "raided", that I - as medic - wasn't able to get more than 20 or so elastic bandages from FOUR of them.


There is an abuse happening on all Ahoyworld modded missions. Since no rule prevents non-medical personel from doing so, people tend to make themselves walking medical cabinets in very unrealistic fashion (6+ bandages on riflemen etc..).

Not sure what can be done about that.

Perhaps making bandaging (but not tourniqueting!!) very slow - or ugly high re-opening chance, unless you have medical status assigned.

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