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Streaming/Content creation Guidelines


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  Ahoyworld welcomes streamers and video creators to our servers, and we appreciate your continued presence. We have a official branded banner which you can use in your stream (ask Staff for more info), but ask that you follow a few guidelines when you do so:

1) Be an example of Ahoyworld's ideals ("AhoyWorld is a welcoming community that respects its members and visitors."). We want your viewers to feel like they will be welcomed if they want to join in some time!

2) Please use our Teamspeak 3 "Server Group" feature to mark yourself as "Streaming", and make it known in briefing that you're streaming. This is a courtesy for other players in the channel. (Not mandatory for gamestyles where we don't require TS usage)


3) Ask us to re-stream your stream on the official Ahoyworld Twitch channel.

Video creators, you have much more control over what gets put onto your channel as it is not live. Please continue to use good judgement about things you upload with the Ahoyworld name attached.


If something reportable occurs that is seen in stream, we ask reporters to include a link to the full length stream VOD and a timestamp in the report.
Do not use the "clip" feature on Twitch etc. Reports are to be anonymous (via the form) and should not have a negative impact on streamers.

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